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# 76 of 101 Great Films -The Spirit of the Beehive

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I LOVE MOVIES- I stated earlier that I've seen a 1,000 films, to check that - I've been collecting a database of films I've seen and ones to see,( I know I'm a dweeb!)

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# 76 of 101 Great Films:
1973's The Spirit of the Beehive

Victor Erice’s 1973 film is set in a small village in Spain, 

Right before the start of World War II and after the Spanish Civil War which put Francisco Franco in power. 
Director Victor Erice made Beehive at the end of Franco’s authoritarian regime.

 Erice does a masterful job of telling a simple story about two girls 
and their closed (in both the literal & metaphorical sense)  village, while setting the story  up as an analogy for authoritarian rule of  Franco’s Spain, which was easier to make since Franco’s power was waning.

The above ground plot deals with 2  girls who go to the movies and watch James Whale’s 1931 Frankenstein.  After the movie, the older of the 2 tells the other that the spirit of the Monster lives in their village, and with that we have another analogy, the importance of cinema on a society.

The girl’s village gets much of its life and certainly its escape from the movies, while having to conform to the strict, oppressive and hypocritical regime of Franco, just to sustain a meager livelihood.

The Spirit of the Beehive maybe  one of Spain’s  best films, it unfolds with a wild and high-flown, playfulness even when it is surrounded by despair. The film could very easily turn into a overblown melodrama but Erice does a great job of holding that balance but letting the magic escape on screen while keeping it grounded.

                                                                                                         A video exhibit for The Spirit of the Beehive

101 Great Films: 

101 One False Move, 1989
100 Friends of Eddie Coyle, 1974
99 Tampopo, 1987
98 The Thing, 1956
97 Nanook of the North, 1922
96 The Battle of Algiers, 1966
95  The Third Man, 1945
94 Au Revoir Les Enfants, 1988
93 Meshes of the Afternoon, 1943
92  Alien, 1979,
91 Young Frankenstein, 1974
90  Bull Durham, 1988   
89  Los Olvidados, 1950
88 Two-Lane Black top, 1971 
87 Ace in the Hole, 1951 
86   Metropolis,1926
85 Killer of sheep, 1977 
84 Bad day at Black rock, 1955
83 My darling Clementine, 1946
82 Le Samourai, 1967 France,
81 Thrones of Blood, 1957, 
80 Broadcast news, 1987 
79  Delicatessen, 1991   
                                                    78 Slacker, 1991                                                          
 77 Steamboat Bill Jr. 1928 
76 The Spirit of the Beehive, 1973

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