Saturday, April 9, 2011

Delicatessen # 79 of 101 Great Films


A Film is at its basic, images and movement; it reaches the senses with sight and sound.

 The Director is the author of a film, their composter of the music, and the conductor of its performance; he must pull the artist and craft folks together with them working as one for a result, that flickers to life on  screen.


 Marc Caro & Jean-Pierre Jeunet  are the composter and conductor of this  wonderful film. A film  full of colors, images, and sounds that are mixed together to create a mesmerizing journey.  

Delicatessen  is a one of a kind flim that mixes genres as well as it mixes the senses.
Domininque Pinon as the handyman, has a the perfect face for this film, where his past life as a clown certainly helps here! The rest of the cast is near perfect with the great Jean Claude Dreyfus as the butcher at the top of his game.

Inserting a pet peeve here:

Most reviewers of this film and films  like Delicatessen  call this a post-apocalyptic society-  

Apocalyptic- "pertaining to the imminent end of the world"
so if it’s the imminent end of the world there cannot be a post imminent end of the world!

Anyway,  Delicatessen is set in a strange future world where food is hard to come by, written by Comic book genius Gillies Adrein, he has created  a strange wonderful world that is beautliful  and gross, that is all fun that really will be a feast for your eyes and ears, but maybe not for your stomach!

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  1. one strange film, not sure I would add it to a 101 great films list